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Our automation and manufacturing systems services are industry leading. We are committed providers of experienced and professional services to the Life Sciences & FMCG industries.


Client Augmentation

We have a team of widely skilled engineers that can support you, and our Client's projects by supplementing their team with skilled resources to support CAPEX and Operational sustain activities. This is a critical element of support for our clients, which allows a flexible and scalable approach to supporting automation and IT activities.

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ERP Integration

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We have core skills in integrating your ERP Systems with the Manufacturing Automation and IT Systems. Our approach to “Top Floor to Shop Floor” will enable you to leverage your existing IT Enterprise landscape to deliver seamless business value to your operations

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Manufacturing Intelligence

Clients are constantly looking to their suppliers for a reduction in costs or extra capacity during peak periods. This can only be achieved by removing waste from the process, realising efficiency gains, or by releasing hidden additional capacity. This is why clients turn to Milestone, a PM Group company, to analyse and implement highly effective manufacturing intelligence systems.

Milestone can provide you with the tools to collect and transform your data into information that can drive your continuous improvement programs without exhausting your existing resources. Due to the independence of Milestone, you can be sure that the solution provided will be fully assessed against your individual business requirements.

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Manufacturing execution systems & Weigh Dispense

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We are a solutions partner with GE and our independence ensures that we can fully assess your MES requirements against all systems available on the market to ensure the solution implemented is a perfect fit to your business needs. From Weigh Dispense to full supply chain control we have the resources to ensure successful implementation. Implementing MES is a first step in achieving benefits such as:

  • Optimising asset utilisation
  • Increasing overall equipment effectiveness
  • Maximising Return On Investments
  • Improving  product quality and operator empowerment
  • Reducing costs, scrap, cycle time, lead time, Work In Progress and data entry time

To learn more please visit our MES & Weigh Dispense page.


Milestone, a PM Group company, have extensive industry experience in process and equipment automation having implemented complex solutions on all standard PLC/SCADA and DCS systems.

We have worked successfully with many clients to develop automation standards and class based software which can be leveraged across multiple manufacturing sites dramatically reducing implementation time and costs.

To learn more please visit our Automation page.

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Business Analysis and Strategic Blueprint

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Understanding your business process is crucial to defining, selecting and implementing the correct solution. Without detailed analysis there is a significant risk that your project will be subject to delays, increased budget expenditure or worse still an implemented solution that is not capable of meeting the requirements of the business.

At Milestone we offer an extensive analysis service that engages key stakeholders from the outset to fully map the business process and document the solution requirements.  As independent consultants, we are able to recommend solutions that meet the expectations of the business whilst mitigating risk during implementation.

To learn more please visit our Business Analysis & Strategic Blueprinting page.