Formed in 2008 and Headquartered in Ireland, Milestone Solutions is a committed provider of industry solutions and services. We operate a dynamic, highly experienced automation and digital systems consultancy. Our focus is to provide world leading services to the Life Sciences and FMCG sectors.

Our team of experts have worked as end users, engineering consultants and system integrators bringing a unique perspective to project implementation. We have extensive experience covering lean analysis, process optimisation, system integration, equipment automation, MES solutions, manufacturing intelligence and project management.

You can be sure that whatever your business needs, we can support it.

Meet The Team

Will Wilmot
Managing Director
Kieran Nolan
Operations Director
Peter Davies
Managing Director Europe
Tony Dooley
Technical Project Manager
Martin Lynch
Head of Site Services
Denis Ahern
Finance Manager
Monika Takacs
Senior Accountant
Jamie Coughlan
Lisa Cooney
Senior Recruiter

What We Do

We Listen

As independent consultants we are not tied to particular suppliers or partnerships. This means we can listen to your requirements and recommend the most effective solution rather than sell the solution that best fits our portfolio.

We Understand

We take time to understand your challenges and plans in order to gain a complete picture of where you are now and your medium to long term strategy.

We Define

By understanding the current state and future state we can work with you to define the road map that achieves your strategy in the most cost effective way.

We Optimise

By aligning your process with solution benefits we can ensure that maximum optimisation is attained at each milestone.

We Manage

Successful project management is more than just hitting the milestones; it’s about successful change management and identifying hidden improvements along the way.

We Succeed

We are aware of your goals, we know your objectives. Work with us and we will succeed in helping you align your business with these goals and objectives. Milestone Solutions has an impeccable track record of achieving this.