Introducing Milestone Solutions

Milestone Solutions is a committed provider of industry solutions and services. We operate a dynamic and highly experienced Automation and Manufacturing Information systems consultancy focused on providing professional service to the Life Sciences, FMCG, Discrete Manufacturing and chemical processing industries. We also specialise in Quality Management, Task Management and Asset/Resource Management.

Having worked as end users, engineering consultants and system integrators, we bring a unique perspective to software solutions and project implementation. We have extensive experience covering lean analysis, process optimisation, system integration, equipment automation, MES solutions, manufacturing intelligence, project management and ISO 9001. You can be sure that whatever your business needs may be, Milestone Solutions can support it.

Our Solutions

Quality Management System

A web and mobile based, paperless platform designed to assist Milestone Solutions clients gain ISO 9001 accreditation.

Task Management System

A web & mobile based solution that allows users to track time, progress based on pre-defined workflows.

Asset/Resource Management

A web & mobile based solution that allows users to track company assets and resources based on pre-defined workflows.

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Manufacturing Intelligence

Milestone Solutions engineers analyse and implement highly effective manufacturing intelligence systems allowing you to remove waste from the process, realise efficiency gains and release hidden additional capacity.

Manufacturing Execution Systems

From Weigh Dispense to full supply chain control, Milestone Solutions have the resources to ensure successful MES implementation enabling you to optimise asset utilisation and increase overall equipment effectiveness, product quality and operator empowerment.


Milestone Solutions has worked successfully with many clients to develop automation standards and class based software which can be leveraged across multiple manufacturing sites dramatically reducing implementation time and costs.

Business Analysis and Strategic Blueprinting

Milestone Solutions offer an extensive analysis service that engages key stakeholders from the outset to fully map the business process and document the solution requirements.

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