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Milestone, a PM Group company, is a technical solutions provider for Manufacturing Client core Automation Systems. Our clients rely on us to define, deliver, and ensure the continued operation of their critical Operation and Information Technology (OT/IT) systems. These systems range from fully automated control solutions to support their manufacturing to integrated manufacturing intelligence to drive operational efficiency in a strictly regulated compliant environment.

Milestone is uniquely positioned to give our clients the benefit of a truly integrated and holistic approach to implementing complex solutions that derive quantifiable investment returns. Our matching skill set in regulatory compliance is critical to ensuring innovative validated solutions that focus on the End client's business value and quality compliance at all stages of the plant's lifecycle.

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ERP Integration

We have core skills in integrating your ERP Systems with the Manufacturing Automation and IT Systems

Client Augmentation

We have a team of widely skilled engineers that can support you, our Client’s, projects by supplementing their team with skilled resources to support CAPEX and Operational sustain activities

Manufacturing Intelligence

Milestone engineers analyse and implement highly effective manufacturing intelligence systems allowing you to remove waste from the process, realise efficiency gains and release hidden additional capacity.

Manufacturing Execution Systems

From Weigh Dispense to full supply chain control, Milestone have the resources to ensure successful MES implementation enabling you to optimise asset utilisation and increase overall equipment effectiveness, product quality and operator empowerment.


Milestone has worked successfully with many clients to develop automation standards and class based software which can be leveraged across multiple manufacturing sites dramatically reducing implementation time and costs.

Business Analysis and Strategic Blueprinting

Milestone offer an extensive analysis service that engages key stakeholders from the outset to fully map the business process and document the solution requirements.

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