How ISO can help your business grow

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There are certain questions that SME’s present us with time and time again. Why do we need ISO 9001? How is it going to help our business grow? Is it worth the cost? At Milestone Solution, we personally believe that implementing ISO 9001 is worth it, but we want you to decide that for yourself. This article presents you with some of the benefits that come with the standard.

Removed trade barriers and enabled opportunities

As more and more emphasis shifts towards quality, many of your potential customers will require ISO 9001 certification from their vendors as a prerequisite. This is particularly the case if you are competing for public sector jobs in many countries. Without ISO certification you simply can not meet their minimum requirements. Therefore, being certified can remove barriers to trade and enable opportunities for your business to grow by meeting customer requirements.

Quality as a competitive advantage

ISO certification highlights to your prospective and existing customers that your business has the resources, facilities, capability and management system necessary to consistently deliver on the quality your customers expect.  The standard is used for certification and contractual purposes by companies seeking recognition of their business management system and to gain a competitive edge.

Better customer satisfaction

A main focus of ISO is raising the satisfaction of customers by properly determining and achieving customer requirements. And, when you have higher rates of customer satisfaction, you see higher rates of repeat business.

Increased efficiency

Implementing a QMS based on ISO 9001 sheds light on the processes of your company and how they interact. It highlights where you are inefficient, areas of improvement and where you can combine and save resources across business. Because the main goal of ISO 9001 is continual improvement, your company can realise greater and greater savings of resources like time and money. Employees are no longer wasting their time and your money scouring through files for documents or duplicating work already done by others.


Improved Corporate Image

Compliant companies benefit from improved brand perception and corporate image through the prestige associated with ISO accreditation. It highlights that you utilize a system dedicated to improving customer satisfaction. They will know that you can meet customer requirements and deliver promised results. Having the ISO 9001 certification is certainly a powerful marketing tool.