Milestone Solutions launch paperless, web-based QMS

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Transition to ISO 9001:2015 before the September 2018 deadline with Milestone Solutions new web-based, paperless Quality Management System.

The September 2018 deadline continues to loom large for organisations that have yet to make the transition from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015. Companies certified against the 2008 revision of ISO 9001 must transition to the new version, and the quality management system (QMS) isn’t going to transition itself. So, what has changed and why do companies need to make the transition? We take a look at some frequently asked questions.

Q: What has changed since ISO 9001:2008?

A: The new version has ten instead of the eight clauses in the old version, and there has also been changes to the principles and mandatory procedures. The major changes occur in areas such as risk and opportunities, context of the organisation and interested parties.

Q: What does this mean for the QMS?

A: The newer revision introduces very significant changes in approach and in the concept of the QMS bringing many challenges for implementation, transition, and maintenance. The revision brings with it better integration with other business activities and enhancement of the process approach and PDCA cycle. There is now a focus to have the system Business Process led with a spread of responsibilities for the QMS throughout the organisation with greater focus on making the QMS part of the business everyday activities. There now exists opportunities to leverage risk based approaches and a higher emphasis on KPI (Key Performance Indicators) monitoring.

Q: Why do you need to make the transition to the new certification?

A: Those who do not make the transition risk losing the benefits derived from being ISO 9001 certified. ISO certification highlights to your prospective and existing customers that your business has the resources, facilities, capability and management system necessary to consistently deliver on the quality your customers expect. Without ISO 9001 certification, the quality of your quality management system goes unrecognised, thus sacrificing your competitive edge.

Q: Where does Milestone Solutions come in?

A: Gaining ISO 9001 accreditation can be an ambiguous, sometimes painful process. Companies who decide to tackle the process alone suffer the most as they battle with inefficient systems and mountains of paper-based documents. We have developed a web based, paperless solution that helps companies comply with ISO 9001 standards. Our mobile compatible QMS platform enables clients to manage quality manuals, standard procedures, corrective and preventative actions, documentation, control practices, internal audits and customer interactions on one user friendly system.

Our platform allows users to create business documents using online forms and templates. While our document management system ensures increased consistency and decreased variation as company documents remain uniform company wide.

Our platform also delivers improved efficiency and productivity. Time is spent more efficiently searching for documents and work is no longer duplicated creating them. Costs associated with losses of quality such as defects are reduced and opportunity costs such as losing out on potential customers who require ISO certification as a vendor pre-requisite are negated.

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