Milestone Solutions achieves Certificate of Competency for MES/MOM Methodologies from MESA International

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Milestone Employees partook in the MESA MES/MOM CoC course recently in Cork, Ireland. This course has passed MESA International's renowned Quality Assurance/Approval Process for delivering best-in-class content.

This cements Milestone's market position as competent MES/MOM professionals giving our customers greater ability to unlock the potential in their operations. We provide Vision to map the manufacturing process combined with a strategy to implement scalable continuous solutions. We manage and shape the implementation process to structure and control the execution. We support and guide customers though the change management process and finally deliver on solutions that provide tangible return on investments.

The main areas that were covered were:

  • Relationships between Mfg Operations Standards and Strategic Initiatives
  • Global Market Advances Adaptive Manufacturing 2.0 Architecture
  • The Role of MES/MOM System in Continuous Improvement and the Collaborative Pull Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing Transformation Strategy: Maturity and Roadmap Modeling
  • MES/MOM Implementation and Governance: MES/MOM System Requirement Specifications, GAMP and Industrial System
  • Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Methods
  • Metric Framework for Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI): Aligning Financial and Operations Metrics
  • Justifying MES/MOM Systems to Business Leaders, Business Case Justification and Return on Investment (ROI) Assessment
  • MES/MOM Statement of Requirement (SoR), Request for Proposal and Product Evaluation Method
  • MES/MOM Project Management Techniques

The supplied content provides an excellent reference, and extends the outstanding library content that is provided to MESA members via the MESA Website (